My name is Marie-Hélène Burle, I go by Marie, and I code under the pseudo "prosoitos".
Behavioural and evolutionary biologist by training, I work for WestGrid and Compute Canada, developing workshops, webinars, and other training material to help scientists and research teams with their high-performance research computing needs.

It is important for me to acknowledge here the open source tools which make my life happier:

- Hugo which powers this site & hyde-hyde which provided the starting point for its theme
- Arch Linux
- i3
- GNU Emacs & myriad packages including Helm, undo-tree, ESS, Company, mu4e
- GNU R & countless packages
- Julia & many great packages
- fzf
- autojump
- qutebrowser
- ranger
- Git
- lazygit
- rxvt-unicode
- Z shell
- restic
- Rclone
- ImageMagick
- Autokey
- Redshift
- Rofi

...and so many others

To everyone contributing to the open source community: thank you!