I'm Marie-Hélène Burle—Marie for short—or prosoitos on programming sites.

Evolutionary and behavioural ecologist by training, I am an open source advocate and Software/Data Carpentry Instructor with a passion for scientific computing.

After several years at WestGrid and Compute Canada, I am now working as a research solutions specialist for Simon Fraser University and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada developing programming and machine learning workshops, webinars, and courses for researchers.

It is important for me to acknowledge here the open source tools which make my life happier:

- Hugo which powers this site & hyde-hyde which provided the starting point for its theme
- Arch Linux
- i3-wm
- Emacs with myriad packages including Helm, undo-tree, ESS, Company, mu4e, julia-snail, emacs-slack, telega
- R & packages
- Julia & packages
- Python & packages
- PyTorch
- fzf
- autojump
- qutebrowser
- ranger
- Git
- lazygit
- st
- Z shell
- Borg
- Rclone
- Quarto

... and so many others.

To everyone contributing to the open source community: thank you!