Research Programming


As a Research Computing Training Assistant at WestGrid and Compute Canada, I develop workshops, webinars, and courses on machine learning, Julia, Git, R, HPC, and Linux tools.

They can be found on the websites I built for WestGrid:

Machine learning
Shell, Git, R, Python, etc.

Older material

Prior to joining WestGrid, as a PhD candidate in biology at Simon Fraser University, a Graduate Peer at the Research Commons, and an admin for the Scientific Programming Study Group, I developed a number of research programming workshops amongst which:

Better practices in R offered at the 2018 International Ornithological Congress with:

Tips on best practices in R
Functional programming in R with purrr
Magrittr and the less used pipes of R

Surviving R: finding info, troubleshooting & getting help
Intro to Emacs
Intro to Org-mode